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Tina May is one of Europe’s finest jazz singers. Recognised as a musician as much as she is for being a naturally outstanding interpreter of lyrics, she is completely in command of her material in whatever setting she finds herself, be it with a big band, a trio, a string quartet or in duo with one of her favourite pianists.

In recent years, Tina has toured with three of these favourite pianists, Nikki Iles, Enrico Pieranunzi and Brian Kellock, each time bringing her boundless enthusiasm, huge personality and completely in-the-moment performance style to the stage.

Tina is currently offering a number of different programmes: the rapturously received Ella & Oscar, with Brian Kellock; her tribute to the great hipster-singer, Mark Murphy; the story songs of the late saxophonist and songwriter to the stars, Duncan Lamont (52nd Street); a jazz journey to Paris, Berlin and Broadway with Les Girls (Nikki Iles, accordionist Karen Street and bassist Julie Walkington); and as a fluent French speaker, a word-perfect interpretation of the Edith Piaf’s chansons.

Tina’s new album “Cafe Paranoia”

Tina May with the Andy Lutter Trio Sings Mark Murphy

The album is collaboration between Tina, the UK’s premier jazz vocalist and leading German pianist Andy Lutter.

Recorded in Germany the albums features compositions from Andy Lutter and the lyrics of Mark Murphy and Tina May.

Track Listing:

  1. Is The Circle Closing. (Haiku)
  2. Aiming at the Moon.
  3. Formerly known as Moon.
  4. Café Paranoia (Haiku)
  5. New York Skyline
  6. Sleepy People (Haiku)
  7. Age Only Matters (Haiku)
  8. Less & Less
  9. Bop til you Drop.
  10. After a Year.
  11. Tundraness (Haiku)
  12. Put Today with Yesterday (Haiku)
  13. If Anybody Asks (Haiku)
  14. Don’t Fall Apart (Haiku)
  15. Dance Slowly.