Cafe Paranoia



1. Is The Circle Closing. (Haiku)
2. Aiming at the Moon.
3. Formerly known as Moon.
4. Café Paranoia (Haiku)
5. New York Skyline
6. Sleepy People (Haiku)
7. Age Only Matters (Haiku)
8. Less & Less
9. Bop til you Drop.
10. After a Year.
11. Tundraness (Haiku)
12. Put Today with Yesterday (Haiku)
13. If Anybody Asks (Haiku)
14. Don’t Fall Apart (Haiku)
15. Dance Slowly.

33 Records are pleased to announce the release of the new album ‘Cafe Paranoia’ Tina May with the Andy Lutter Trio.
The album is collaboration between Tina the UKs premier jazz vocalist and leading German pianist Andy Lutter.
Recorded in Germany the albums features compositions from Andy Lutter and the lyrics of Mark Murphy and Tina May.


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